Peer-review process

1. All texts sent to "Klio" are prepared according to guidelines for authors.

2. An important thing is to inform an editorial board about all authors of submitted texts.

3. An editorial board have right to pre-review and verify all submitted articles, reviews and reports.

4. After verification, articles are sent to two scholars, without revealing information about author's and reviewers' names. If those two scholars do not agree in their reviews, editorial board ask third historian for an advice. Reviewers use a review form. The reviewer is obliged to sign the decleration concerning the reviewed article

5. If both reviews are positive, editorial board decide to accept an article to publish it in "Klio", about what author is informed via e-mail.

6. Every author, who publishes in "Klio. Journal on Polish and World History", is obliged to sign an agreement with the Nicolaus Copernicus University Press.

7. Authors are informed about every stage of the peer-review process via e-mail, details of reviews are conveyed to them, without information about reviewers' names.